Before we get in to the nitty gritty reasons of why we love Mascot workwear, we got to tell you HOW we found Mascot workwear. Last January (2020) Eoin and Chris made the journey to Dusseldorf to a trade show as we were keen to find some new European partners to work with in lieu of Brexit coming down the tracks. Really, there is another blog of it’s own on their trip to Germany but we’ll leave that for another day.

The trade show consisted of two very long days (according to the boys) and at the end of the second day they found this huge display of beautiful coloured workwear. Just what we had been  looking for. As you know doing business is all about the people you meet and the relationships that you build together. We felt a great connection with the Mascot team right from the off, from the meeting in Germany to the several meetings in our HQ since.

We were so proud to have set up the display in our office just in time for lockdown so no one has really got a chance to see the stuff … yet! We can’t wait for the lockdown to be over and we’ll have a Mascot party so that you can all see why we are so keen on the gear.

And now, here are the reasons…. 



Much like the Brand Geeks, Mascot is customer-focused! Mascot is made with consumers in mind. For Mascot, the users are the target group, but they are also the inspiration. End users are consulted throughout the entire developing process, which is reflected in the final product. Mascot is made for real craftspeople out working in the real world!

Chris showcasing Mascot jackets!

Our main man Chris is a Mascot fan!


You can be certain of peace of mind when using the Mascot brand. You will not find a product in the Mascot catalogue that has not been tried and tested over and over; their slogan is “Tested to Work”! Every single shoe, every pair of pants, every jacket, glove and jumper, has been laboratory tested with countless quality controls performed to ensure you, the customer, gets the safest product possible. 

Eoin strutting his stuff in Mascot!

Eoin strutting his stuff in Mascot!


The Brand Geeks pride ourselves in only working with the best. Customer satisfaction and safety is our top priority and we are confident in the fact that Mascot ticks all the right boxes! Mascot are diligent with the fabrics chosen for their workwear, only working with the best! All products are extremely durable, with a four-way stretch allowing for great freedom of movement. Mascot’s assortment also includes safety shoes, boots and sandals with the best standard for slip-resistant soles.

Kieran loves his Mascot workwear!

Kieran loves his Mascot workwear!



The Mascot range is ideal for all shapes and sizes, providing high quality workwear for both men and women. A trusted brand, it suits all tradespeople including tilers, builders, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, and more. The Brand Geeks are proud suppliers of Mascot with plenty of sizes, styles and safety features to suit a huge range of professional sectors. 

Our Mascot model Mike!

Our Mascot model Mike!


Mascot is an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible company. As a global textiles company, they recognise the enormous responsibility to safeguard the people and the environment at their production sites, something we at the Brand Geeks respect!  Mascot established their own production sites in Vietnam and later in Laos, where they can ensure good, respectful and safe workplaces for all 2400 employees.