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Why every business needs a branded pen

Branded Pens

Today (just to prove there really is a day for everything) we remind you that June 10th is Ballpoint pen day.

The day to credit the achievement of the Bíró brothers who filed a patent for the item on this day in 1943. We here at Brand Geeks don’t like to discriminate, so we are going to open up the day to all pens everywhere.

That’s Pen-tast-ic!

It would turn out that the humble pen has a long history going back to the time of ancient Egyptians who used thin reed brushes to write on papyrus scrolls. However, pens are not something we really think about until we need one. The times they run out on us, or we search about for one while we’re balancing the phone.

Random Pen Fact…

So it may well surprise you that according to the Guinness Book of Records the equivalent of 57 pens per second were sold in 2006 round the world. With the 100 billionth being sold in September the same year.

To help put in perspective with that may pens you could fill the Arc de Triomphe 23 times over!

pen world record

Give a branded pen

Well reading the above we can’t claim people don’t need pens. So why not use this news to promote your business with a branded pen?

It is estimated the average person hangs on to a pen for 6 months, that is time they could be advertising your company.


Check out this clip from Arthur from King of Queens on the importance of a branded pen.


Where can you get a branded pen?

The Brand Geeks have a great selection of branded pens, but for this post we’ve personally selected 4 that we think offer the best in quality, cost and promotion.

The Monroe

Full-Colour Ballpen

Branded Ballpen


Highlighter Pen

Branded Highlighter Pen


Frost Ballpen

Branded Ballpen


Digital Argent Ballpen

Branded Digital Ballpen

–> See all Branded Pens from the Brand Geeks

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