Digital Marketing

Why hire a digital marketing manager when you can hire a team of geeks at less than half the price?

Like everything at The Brand Geeks we like to take a holistic approach into how effectively you can use your marketing budget. Using traditional print media can leave you feeling like you’ve just had a weekend in Vegas, it was great fun at the time but when it’s over your left scratching your head wondering where all your money is gone!

With digital marketing you can see exactly who see’s you with our tailored reports.

Social Media Management

Marketing Automation


1 To 1 Digital Consulting


When The Brand Geeks manage your social media, we bring a clear content strategy, unwavering consistency and buckets of creativity.


Creating Outstanding Visual Content

To ensure that your posts reflect your business perfectly and impress your customers we use the best of stock photography, custom made graphics and photos provided by you and your team.

Video and Animated Posts

Animated posts and videos have long been established as the most engaging type of posts across all social media platforms. We create videos that will not just represent your company but will impress and entice future customers.

Timed to Perfection

We use the best of software so that we can determine the optimal time that your posts should get featured so that we can reach the best possible audience for you.


Customer Response

At The Brand Geeks, we realise how important it is to keep in touch with your community so we can manage all responses. Your customers won’t be waiting and you can spend your time working on your business.

Meaningful Engagement

We reach out to your customer and community and other local businesses to figure out what your customers are really looking for. This engagement develops trust in your brand.

Targeting Influencers

By understanding your product we can target influential followers who are prolific in that sector to ensure that your brand is spoken about with the influencers in your community.

Your Reputation

By engaging with your community in the right way and ensuring that your reputation matters the most, we will grow your following steadily and organically.


Best Of The Best?

With our software we can tell which post was the best in terms of how it related to your audience.  The best performing posts are broken down by the engagement percentage and breakdown.

Who Saw What?

With the detailed breakdown of digital marketing we can provide an exact breakdown demographically into who saw your posts, this is very important to us for creating more posts for this audience.

Keywords and Hashtags

We can track down exactly which hashtags are working or not working for your business. We can see what people are saying about your brand using your hashtags.