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So the #TBEXIreland conference has come and gone, Killarney and the INEC has given the hundred thousand welcomes that it has become so famous for. Of course the fact that this was a travel blogger conference means that the welcome extended far past the smile and handshake to some amazing social media posts that can be seen worldwide. Below are some of my favourites and I hope that you like them too.


The first is a tweet is by Failte Ireland when the showed their amazing video which will bring the story teller out in all of us.

This next one had me genuinely LOLing in the office, it’s a rare one when you hear that guffaw but the thought of some of our new visitors high fiving the local priest on the way through town was too much for me.


If there is one thing that I love, it’s when someone does their homework. Jason in the Killarney Park clearly did his homework here when he prepared a deconstructed Tatyo sandwhich for their #TBEX guest Cailin.

Our first switch over to Instagram and I think that the simplicity of Tasmanian Ben McCafferty’s shot here almost every one of the 40 shades of green with this shot. (slight cheat here as this was a #TBEXKillarney hashtag and not Ireland but I thought it was too good to leave out).

Much like the tweet from Quest Ireland earlier, the lads at Mór Active put a bit of work in to provide a really handy guide of the coffee shops with wifi around Killarney. I have to say, even as a local I found this to be an interesting read.


This photo is everything that you would expect from someone’s trip to Ireland, you just got to take the black stuff! It means even more when you get to pull it yourself and in this case it happens to be in one of my favourite places in the world, Portmagee!

For me, the most famous dog that I know from Instagram is Red from The Sneem Hotel but this guy seems like a much more adventurous dog for me. It’s a great action shot and captures the excitement of Killarney lakes perfectly well.


I would be mad  not to mention one of our own posts but I think that this tweet is worth another share. Our video man Stevo was 30 in the middle of the #TBEX conference. So, while we worked right through the event and Stevo did an amazing amount of work both filming and editing. Here is another #Happy30thStevo


This wouldn’t be accurate if I didn’t show some of the amazing pictures of food and I knew straight away that I have to check askchefdennis  insta account. Sure enough there was this amazing photo of a Beef & Guinness casserole in Murphy’s Bar. If you look through his Twitter account I think that you will see him wearing one of their tee shirts, it’s become his real home from home. What about this dish though ….


I think that one of the best posts that summed up the excitement of the wrap up party at JM Reidys is this one. It is a hyperlapse on Instagram that perfectly captures the party atmosphere and even the scale of the event.


Last night. What can I say?

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Thanks so much for looking through these and I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts. If you think that I missed a really good tweet or insta post, I’d love for you to share them with me as perhaps I missed them.


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