Summer 1990 Launches Radio Kerry


When I think back to the Summer of 1990 it wasn’t particularly a great one for Kerry after getting hammered by Cork in Cork despite a young Maurice Fitzgerald scoring 1-5 on the day.Β  It wasn’t all bad for Kerry that summer though as it was the start of something huge for our county, although at the time I’m sure I didn’t realise how much it would impact our daily lives when Radio Kerry first hit the dial of 97FM.


radio kerry 30 years

Radio Kerry Sourced by Radio Kerry Facebook

I can remember the week that Radio Kerry started because there was huge excitement at home that we had our own radio station. Anyone that knows me knows that I am incredibly proud to be able to call myself a Kerry person and anything that is done within our county will always be supported and this was instilled in me at an early age.

Growing Up with Radio Kerry

I am possibly showing my age now but I was 10 when Radio Kerry started so good luck to the mathematicians out there figuring out my age πŸ˜‚. I do remember that from around the age of 12 or 13 a big thing every evening was listening to the letter that was sent in to the DJ John Drummey as he read out the letters “Dear John”. This brought great entertainment to my friends and I in school as there were many discussions in the morning to figure out who was theΒ Anonymous letter writer that could not build up the courage to tell a girl in our school that he loved her .. again, we were about 13 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ . There may or may not have been letters written in to John Drummey with fictional stories of love lost and found so that we could hear the letter read out that week. This would bring fierce excitement and craic to the classroom the following morning. It was one of the few times where I could hardly wait to get to school.

SSHHHHHH, The Deaths Are On

Another great memory of mine growing up is calling to my grandparents house and having the misfortune of having something to say while the deaths were on the radio. My grandfather would not be long letting you know that “Jesus above, the DEATHS ARE ON and will ye SHUT UP!” .. of course we’d have a skit but we wouldn’t dare open our mouths until every death was called out. I know this was something that people who came to Kerry could never understand but I know it was something that was so important to so many people in so many houses around the county.

Another great memory that I have of Radio Kerry with my family is listening to the Rambling House series at home. Can you even imagine now turning off the television and listening to the ‘wireless’ because of a show that was so good. It was a show where you could listen to great music and stories and in the hope that you would hear something by someone you know.

Getting To Work With Radio Kerry

As you can imagine that from someone who has listened to Radio Kerry from the start, I was incredibly proud when The Brand Geeks got the opportunity to work the team at Radio Kerry.Β  We have not only been given the opportunity to work with the station by producing some fantastic promotional products but I was lucky enough to be on the business show once or twice and interviewed by some of the fantastic DJ’s that they have now.

It is not something that we say lightly at The Brand Geeks because we always love working with clients but there is something special about working with a brand that you have grown up with and almost feel a part of.Β  Pictured below are some of the amazing products that we got to create and look forward to coming up with more great ideas that shared through our county.Radio Kerry Products

Promotional Products For Radio Kerry

Ever since the start, Radio Kerry has always punched above it’s weight and you always get the feeling that it doesn’t just compete with the larger national radio stations but it beats them out the gate when it comes to listenership locally. This is plain to see when you walk in to headquarters in Tralee and see all the PPI awards on display.Β  You also get the feeling that many more awards will be on the way as Radio Kerry have always strived to lead the way in everything that they do. They are great at social media and live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram and working with other great brands throughout the county with exceptional ideas to strengthen their brand.


It is not just a radio station, it has enriched the very fabric of society within the county. Happy Birthday Radio Kerry from all the Geeks!!!