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Under my Umbrella

Umbrella Day

From the film “Singing in the rain” to Rihanna inviting us under hers, the umbrella literally has had a song and dance made of it.  Now to further honour this most convenient of inventions, it even has its own day, February 10th.

Don’t get caught out in the rain – Statistics

As we are based Ireland we already know about what’s it’s like to live in a sterotypically wet country – but that didn’t stop us doing our homework.


Here are some interesting facts…














We’ve got you covered…

This umbrella day let your company be the catalyst for positive change by the simple act of offering an umbrella in the rain. With an average of 16 days’ rain in County Kerry during the month of February* alone, it is sure to be appreciated!


Sport Umbrella

from €14.58


Bedford Umbrella

from €13.75


Double Canopy

from €23.80

Double Canopy Umbrella

Budget Umbrella

from €8.30




Could your business benefit?

Business that could use the cover…

Outdoor Leisure: Boat trips, golf courses, zoos or theme parks. Lend your customers a brolly to use on those wets days.

Sales: Useful for Representitives to use while canvassing, selling and promoting.

Events: Stay dry at outdoor trade shows and events.

Estate Agents: Showing customers around a few properties? Have a couple of umbrellas handy, for both you and your customers.

Insurance & Law: With the umbrella being a global icon for protection, what better way to spread the message than by giving an umbrella to your employees to use when they are out and about? Also keep a few in the office for day-to-day use.

Seafront Businesses: How about beach umbrella’s for sale this summer?

Hairdressers: Keep your client’s hair perfect when going to the car, and don’t forget to give one to every staff member to promote your salon when they are out about town.

Airport Transfers: Give your new or valued customers the VIP treatment, meet then at their car with an umbrella, an act they will remember when they think of your company.

Any BusinessPerfect to use as a giveaway on your social media promotions. If you have an office of 10 or more, these are great to give to employees to promote your business (and a freebie enhances staff motivation). 


And remember… where ever they carry them, they are advertising your company.



*Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation


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