Adding a New Page

Add New

There are a few ways you can add a new page.

  • Move your mouse over Pages in the Side Menu – Select Add New from the menu list.
  • Move your mouse over +New in the Top Menu – Select Page from the menu list.
  • From Pages, click the Add New button next to the title Pages.

Page Set-Up

  1. Title – Enter a Page Title. Keep it short e.g. Portfolio
  2. Buttons – Used to add Images, Video, Testimonials, Icons etc.
  3. Toolbar – Style your content with these familiar Word style tools.
  4. Content Box – Add your content here.
  5. SEO – Enter a Focus Keyword in the box, the analyser tool will tell you the rest.
  6. Page Attributes
    1. Select the Parent Page (if any). This will determin if the page is a main (Parent) or sub page (Child). You can leave the box set to (no parent) if you want it to be a main page.
      1. If you select (no parent) the page will appear in the main menu.
      2. If you select a page from the drop down list, it will appear in a drop down menu for that page e.g. About > Awards.
    2. Template: We will create a general page template for you – select the General Template.
    3. Order: This will determin the order of the page in the Back End Only. If you want to change the order on the menu click here for instructions.
  7. Publish Box
    1. Edit the status and visibility (if you don’t want your page to appear until you are ready – select Draft)
    2. You can select a date to publish your page if you need it.
    3. Readability and SEO score. Your Readability will automatically change as you edit your content. SEO score only shows if you enter a Focus Keyword.
    4. Publish Button – Ready to go? Publish!


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