Finnworld – Itineraries

This is a support guide for a specialist template for Finnworld, this will not apply to any other website.

Step 1. Create a New Itinerary

On the left menu, select Itineraries, then Add New

Step 2. Add Content

I am giving example from an existing itinerary.


Give your Itinerary a name – this will show on the website.

Programme Description

Add the initial Programme Description (Information). This will be displayed as so…

Title Background Image

The title background image will display at the top of the page, behind the title.

  • The image should be a minimum 2200px wide and 710px height.
  • You do not need to edit/ darken the image, the website will position the image and darken the edges for you to make the text of the title easier to read.
  • This image can be the same or a different image to the Featured Image.

Programme Information

Enter the information in the bespoke boxes we have made for you, if you don’t enter any information the default text ‘Please contact us for more information’ will be left in the boxes.

  • You may wish to use the bullet points as we have in some of the text area boxes – these have been highlighted in red for you.
  • The price will show XXX.XX automatically.
  • The boxes will resize automatically for you.

The website will display the text you enter like this:

Detailed Programme

This area will need some very small formatting here, just like you would in Word.

Each day is split in to a title and paragraph. To format the paragraph, highlight the text you wish to change and select ‘Heading 3’ from the drop down box.  This is highlighted in the image above for you.

Step 3. Create a Gallery

To add images to the gallery, first save your Itinerary (in the Publish Box there is a Save Draft button). Don’t worry if you forget, the website will automatically save your work as you go along.

  •  Go to the menu on the left and click on  Global Gallery
  •  Create a New Gallery

  • Add a Title
  • Drag images from the top box  Specific Settings to the bottom box Gallery Builder Images.
    • You can view more by clicking ‘Next Images
  • If you would like to upload more images, click the ‘Manage Images’ button highlighted in the screenshot above.
  • If you would like to change the order click on ‘Turn on easy-sorting mode’ and proceed to change the order by dragging and dropping.
  • When you are satisfied with the images and their order save your gallery by clicking ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ from the Publish box.

  • From the Gallery list page make a note of the Gallery Number.
  • Return to your Itinerary you were editing and insert the gallery number in the box provided (see top screenshot)

Featured Image

Click to set your featured image, this image will represent the example in the Organisers page and the Itinerary List page.

We have kept the images separate to upload as some images may be more suitable for the title background and others for the example tours, this gives you the option.


Select ‘All‘.


Click ‘Publish

That’s All Folks

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