Resizing an Uploaded Image (Unattached)

Note: An unattached image means not uploaded in a post or page. Example would be a background image.

1. Choose which image you want to resize

  • Go to your media library
  • Select an image (click on the image)
  • Upload image if not already uploaded

2. Click Edit Image

  • The button is located under the image

3. Scale Image

  • See the grey column on the right.
  • Add a new dimension (Width X Height)
  • The website will work out the new dimension.
Rescaling FAQ
  • My image needs to be width:(W) 2000px but the image I uploaded is under 1500px. Answer: This image is unsuitable, please upload a new image.
  • Dimensions are (W)2200 x (H)710px but when I enter 710px the Width is less than 2200px. Answer: Enter the width first, it is okay if the height is more than the recommended dimension size, just not less.

4. Click ‘Scale’

  • Red button next to the dimensions.
  • Click and wait for the page to refresh.
  • Your image has now been resized.
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