Your Dashboard explained

Welcome to your Custom Dashboard.

We have configured your dashboard to only do as much as you need. This eliminates the risk of breakages and heightens security for all of our hosted websites.


Dashboard Explained

Your dashboard contains a Side Menu, Top Menu and Information Boxes.

The Side Menu is to access other areas on your website such as pages or posts.
The Top Menu link shows coments and has a Quick Link to create +New Posts, Pages etc…
The Information Boxes may vary depending on the nature of your website. E.g Brochure, E-Commerce.

The 4 main Information boxes which will appear on all Dashboards includes;

  • At a Glance: See how many Posts and Pages your website contains.
  • Activity: Shows your latest published Posts.
  • Yoast SEO Posts Overview: Indicates Posts with SEO and their score.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard: Use the dropdown boxes to find tip bits of useful information without loggin in to your Google Account.


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