Hi everyone! Keelin here, the newest Geek to join the crazy world of the Brand Geeks here in Killorglin! I look after everything social media related, I live, eat and breathe social media!

The phenomenon of social media marketing has completely changed the way we engage as consumers. Social media has opened the gate between brands and their consumers, allowing companies to directly communicate with followers, building relationships and trust.

Throughout my time as a social media manager I’ve seen viral TikTok videos sell out events; I’ve seen queues out the door of restaurants due to one Facebook post; I’ve seen hotels booked solid because of Instagram campaigns and I’ve seen products sell out due to influencers’ recommendations. You name it, I’ve seen it!


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My path into the world of social media marketing, like most, wasn’t a very straight one! Having graduated with a degree in journalism back in 2014, I began interning on the digital desk of the Irish Sun newspaper in Dublin’s fair city.

Here I quickly learned the ins and outs of working in a daily news cycle, and the importance of social media in the modern media. 

While working in the newspaper, I began to learn the tricks of the trade when it came to Facebook engagement. It was fascinating to see how a certain picture could drive hundreds of thousands to click on a story, or how quirky captions could spark fierce debates in the comment sections.

I spent two and half years with the newspaper, unconsciously soaking up a wealth of Facebook knowledge. It’s fair to say the love affair with social media had well and truly been sparked. 

In 2016 it was time for a change. My urge for some adventure was growing, so a one-way ticket to Australia was booked and I said goodbye to my colleagues in the Irish Sun. During this time, Instagram was really coming into its own with the introduction of stories and video features.

To feed my two passions, social media and writing, I began a travel blog, which quickly grew a following on Instagram. I began wading my way into the world of Instagram, found my niche: budget travel for backpackers, and voilá! Sun Scribes Travel was born!

A year on the road quickly turned to two, and Sun Scribes grew a modest, but steady following. I paired my journalism experience with Sun Scribes and began writing travel pieces, collaborating with hotels and travel agencies, and really immersing myself into the world of a content creator online.

Returning to Ireland, I had a decision to make: dive once again into the world of journalism, or pursue my love for social media in the hopes to make a full-time career out of it.

I took a chance, completed a digital marketing course with the Digital Marketing Institute, and began working remotely with a marketing agency.

My new qualifications in social media management and digital marketing allowed me to completely transform my life and opened up opportunities to move to the Kingdom of Kerry!

Once I was settled in my home in Kerry, still working remotely, I couldn’t believe my luck when a position opened in the Brand Geeks here in Killorglin, and I soon found myself joining the team as the new social media manager!



The Brand Geeks bring a creative, fun approach to social media that you won’t find anywhere else! Our clients know we are experienced at what we do, and trust us with their brand image.

We specialise in organic social media marketing, building a brand locally, solidifying relationships with followers and gaining trust of potential customers.

We’ve dipped our marketing toes in every industry imaginable, including tourism, hospitality, retail, sport, education, even farming! Whatever you’re business may be, we can help! Drop us a message online or email me () to chat all things social media!