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The Brand Geeks Go Green Range

Here at The Brand Geeks we have a sustainable collection of promotional brands produced in a green, circular and/or 100% Fairtrade way.

  • RPET Reusable Bottle. With this RPET bottle you support the environment ! This reusable water bottle is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. The outer lid is made out of FSC Bamboo. With this RPET Bottle you support Plastic Bank: A social enterprise headquartered in Canada which aims to clean up plastic waste from our oceans while providing valuable opportunities for impoverished communities. Plastic Bank offers residents of Haiti, the Philippines and Indonesia cash or vouchers in exchange for the waste they collect, which then goes on to be recycled into products. The brand is know as Social Plastic®.
  • Create an easy product that can help. Greenballs quite simply increase the likelihood that the seeds will germinate and grow successfully. More flowers means more bees, butterflies and other wildlife.
  • This reusable water bottle is made from bamboo (lid) and sugar cane (bottle). This means your drink has no artificial plastic taste or smell. Both plants absorb CO2 from the air while growing. So, by using this natural bottle, you’re helping to reduce greenhouse gasses and put an end to single-use plastic bottles.
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